Rotodama cab rejuvenates your Discovery

Turn a tired Sport Utility Vehicle into a Super Utility Vehicle that works hard for you

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A tough truck to work in the harshest environment

A light, yet strong safety frame provides excellent occupant protection and driver comfort

Unrivalled load-carrying and off-road mobility

Rotodama provide a rough-service vehicle to move loads and work hard off the beaten track

Rotodama forward control cab conversion

Rotodama – make your Land Rover Discovery a Super Utility Vehicle

Some people might think Land Rover Discoverys are nearing the end of their lives.  The Rotodama team see a fantastic, rugged base for a Super Utility Vehicle.

Under the tired body of a Discovery lies the world-proven Land Rover chassis, axles and drivetrain, with years of service still in them.

The Rotodama cab re-uses this fantastic base to create a recycled vehicle ready for a second life, working hard for you.

The tube-frame cab delivers excellent operator protection for the roughest environment.

Bonded-in panels are inset to protect them from knocks by default and can be easily replaced, if needed.

A forward control seating position provides the best view ahead and is fantastic for accurately placing the vehicle wherever your work takes you.

Moving the occupants forward also delivers an amazing payload space and over 1tonne carrying capacity.

Don’t delay, transform and save your Discovery – Order a cab, or provide a donor vehicle for us to transform for you today.

We are a self-funded, private limited company, who have developed a forward control cab to replace the body of a Land Rover Discovery.