How the cab ‘kit’ is supplied

The cab ‘kit’ is a complete cab to replace the body on a Discovery.

It is supplied complete, finished, assembled and ready to bolt up.

We expect it to take less than a day for a competent mechanic to fit the cab to a pre-prepared Discovery rolling chassis. Preparation notes will be provided on-order to explain how to get your Discovery chassis ready for the new cab.

‘Self-build’, or incomplete kits of parts will not be provided.

Loadbeds and back-bodies

Customers will be referred to a partner body-builder for the back-body, to ensure you get the loadbed you need for your purposes. A battery locker and suitable live and earth cables will be provided with loadbeds supplied by the body-builder. If you plan to build your own body you will need to safely locate the battery and make up live and earth leads to suit.

Our focus is 100% on delivering a comfortable and safe cab that will fit easily and be quick to execute the transformation of your vehicle from a Discovery, to a forward control vehicle. We want our product to get to work for you, as soon as possible.

What vehicles will the initial batch of cab kits fit?

Series 1 300TDI Discoverys, with non-ECU engines. Standard manual and automatic gearboxes.

For 300TDI EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) We will need the ECUs, key, fob and wiring loom from the vehicle 4 weeks before delivery to integrate this into your cab, including the OBD port. There is a £500 uplift charge for EDC versions.

TD5 SII Discovery cab conversions are estimated to commence delivery in Q2 2019

What will the cab ‘kit’ include?

The cab is supplied painted, glazed (windscreen laminated 6mm, side glass toughened 4mm) and panelled, with doors, fully assembled. This includes all interior panelling and engine cover with hatch, to allow oil levels to be checked and filled as necessary.

New cab-to chassis mounting bolts are provided.

Front springs will be provided to suit the weight of the cab on the platform. We recommend new dampers when you convert your vehicle.

New vinyl seats and seatbelts.

New locks and latches on doors and for the ignition, with two keys and immobiliser.

A complete new loom, relays and fusebox is fitted to the cab, including an engine loom to replace the original.

Front lights: all LED are fitted to the cab, rear LED lights are provided, wired in with a waterproof connector, on a commercial-style alloy lighting channel, with wiring and brackets to attach to the rear of the Discovery chassis. The loom includes a 7-pin trailer lighting connector.

In-cab instrumentation and warning lights are planned to be provided by a digital dash, with a separate indicator for the diff-lock. This part of the loom plugs in to the original socket on the gearbox. If an automatic gearbox is specified the loom and connector for the automatic gearbox interlock will be included in the kit.

Carling water-resistant switches for hazards and rear foglights. The switch panel will have four additional blanks, to allow additional lighting and systems to be fitted to suit your application.

USB socket for equipment charging.

12v ‘cigar lighter’ socket.

Heating and ventilation system, with water hoses to fit to the engine.

New water hoses for the engine are provided, to replace the originals, where the hoses are different.

A new radiator, fan and frame for the radiator (expansion tank to be re-used)

New intercooler and pipework to suit.

New inlet pipework and cylinder air-filter, with recommended location for back-body self-build, or bracketry to suit from partner body-builder.

New screenwash reservoir, pump, wiring and piping with recommended location for back-body self-build, or bracketry to suit from partner body-builder.

Cables for the handbrake, gearshift, accelerator, diff-lock and high/low selectors.

A replacement steering box, with adaptor plate.

Replacement power-steering hard and flexi lines (reservoir to be re-used)

Steering shafts and relay box to new steering column.

380mm Steering wheel.

New stalks for wipers, lights and indicators.

New wiper motor, arms and wiper blades
New Defender-style external driver and passenger rear view mirrors.

New brake servo, master cylinder and fluid reservoir.

Retention plates for front flexible brake hoses.

New pedals with rubbers.

New vacuum hose for servo to engine.

New fuel lines and clips, feed and return from tank to filter-head, to engine (filter head to be re-used)

New brake lines, clips and junctions in kunifer.

New brake bias valve.

For manual gearbox:

  • New clutch master cylinder
  • Cable-shift remote actuator for
  • R380 gearbox
  • In-cab shifter

For automatic gearbox

  • Cable
  • In-cab shifter

Pricing for the complete cab kit will be announced by the end of June 2018.

We are a self-funded, private limited company, who have developed a forward control cab to replace the body of a Land Rover Discovery.