Pricing June 2018

Pricing June 2018

We have committed to announce initial pricing by the end of June.  This is that announcement.

So far, the cab has been developed entirely on the limited resources of the four team members, in our free time. To enable us to get to market in a timely manner, we will shortly be announcing a limited crowd-funding initiative.  This will ensure key objectives are met:

  • We are delivering production cabs in the timescale we have defined
  • Production cabs and remanufactured vehicles will meet high quality standards
  • We are in a position to effectively support our customers in-life, after they buy a cab, or remanufactured vehicle

The crowd-funding will be equity-based, to allow people to be part of the success of Rotodama.  There will also be some significant benefits for people who support us in reaching the market and delivering this great product.

During July-August we will take the prototype around the UK, so people are able to see it up-close and discuss their requirements with the Rotodama team.

In development, we have concentrated on ensuring the cabs will be simple to build accurately and repeatably; that they will be strong in use; that they will retain the ease and low cost of servicing associated with Discovery SI & SII vehicles.

We have also focused on ensuring the cab is light weight. The 1540kg weight of our verification prototype has been an excellent result.

Complete ready-to-go kits to start

The significant change in configuration of the vehicle means there are a list of key systems with big changes.  These include steering, seats and seatbelts, brake, clutch and gearshift systems, all of which are safety critical.  We must ensure these are delivered to consistent, high standards in the conversion to forward control.

Because of this, we will only be delivering built, complete bolt-up cab kits.  This control allows us to effectively manage our liability as a business.  It also ensures what we are producing is insure-able and warranty-able for our customers.

We are also focusing on business users for the conversion, because of the access it gives them to the payload capacity on the high value and robust Discovery platform.  These users normally want to have a tool such as this in service as quickly and easily as possible.

To ensure the product meets production requirements and the ease of access needed by business users, we will initially be providing ready-to-fit cabs.  Information on what will be delivered in the ready-to-use kit is detailed here:

At this time we have a clear costed bill of materials for the cab and budgetary figures for time to build.  We believe it will be possible to improve purchase prices of the materials and there may be other savings in production, but this is yet to be confirmed.

At this point we can state that the maximum purchase price of a ready-to-fit cab kit will be £11,250 ex-VAT.

Remanufactured vehicles: part 2 of phase 1

Once we have established and proven our production processes for the cab, we will be in a position to offer remanufactured vehicles.  For a remanufactured vehicle configured as a drop-side flat-bed the price will be a maximum of £24,000 ex-VAT.

Our target is to commence delivery of cabs by the end of 2018 and to start delivering remanufactured vehicles in 2019.  Provided the crowd-funding initiative is successful (or we find a private investor) we aim to accelerate development and commence delivery earlier than the end of 2018.

If you would like to order one of the cab kits, please complete our contact form, stating this and we will come straight back to you.  The contact form is here:


Many thanks for your support so far.

We are a self-funded, private limited company, who have developed a forward control cab to replace the body of a Land Rover Discovery.