Frequently Asked Questions May 2018

Is it road legal in the UK?

Yes, because we do not touch the Discovery chassis, or the engine, gearbox, axles and suspension mounting the original identity of the vehicle is preserved, so you will just need to MOT it as normal. We are adding test miles to our prototype daily.

Will we be serving export markets?

Yes – in due course, likely in 2019. We will keep those who are outside the UK up to date with mails specific to them, in the coming months. We will need to confirm the legalities of replacing the body of vehicles in target marketings.

What’s in the kit?

We will provide everything needed to fit the cab to your chassis and make it functional. If you buy a kit, and you have a complete, running Discovery, you should be able to fit the cab to the Discovery chassis, within a day, once you have removed the body. As an example, our guys take about 2-4 hours to remove a body from a chassis.

Which Discoverys will the cab fit?

The cab fits Series 1 300TDI Discovery and Series 2 TD5 Discovery. We are yet to confirm fitment on other variants. There will be some further development required to ensure that the electronic systems of the Series 2 work correctly with the cab fitted.

What bodywork will be available to fit behind the cab?

We have partnered with a specialist body builder to ensure back-bodies are available to suit your requirements, or you can fit your own body, using our guidelines.

What variants will be available?

Early indications suggest the greatest demand is for singlecab kits, like the one shown at Bicester Heritage. These are likely to be followed by full-body vehicles: ideal for use as vans, or conversion into ambulances, campers, and mobile workshops etc. Production of the doublecab variant will be dependent on demand.

Will it fit a Defender?

We didn’t have any plans for the cab to fit Defenders, as they’re increasingly valuable vehicles. If there is confirmed demand, we will include a Redefender cab kit early in our development roadmap.

What will it cost?

Although we are reasonably clear on our price points, we will formally confirm pricing by the end of June. Keep an eye out for pricing, further details on the cab and details of where you will be able to have a look at our prototype, in the coming weeks.